A heavyweight contender

The project

Every commercial move is unique, but very often they include the challenge of moving large, heavy or even delicate items. On occasion an item can be all three of these things as this case study highlights.

As you’d expect large and heavy items understandably need extra care and attention to move and require the use of specialist equipment to not only manage the weight of the item being moved, but also to protect that item, the spaces it’s being moved out of and into and, to keep the crew safe and healthy. Add in the item being delicate, easily damaged and electrical and the difficulty factor  is exponentially increased!

Moving items like this can be daunting but this is where experience and professionalism counts. Planning is key to any commercial move but it is vital to the success of a relocation when heavy or oversized items are involved. Planning, combined with deploying the right processes and equipment ensures that items reach their intended destination safely, with no damage to the item, property or staff.

Heavy and awkward items moved by Specialised Movers
Specialised Movers and their stair robot

The challenge

A clothing manufacturing and printing company approached us to ask if we could help install a new piece of printing kit they had recently purchased. The printer was to be installed in a sixth floor office in an old mill building in Preston. It was too long to go in the lift and was too long and too heavy to be carried up the stairs because they were half floor flights meaning we wouldn’t be able to turn the printer on the half landings. The cost of getting a crane in to lift the printer in to place was prohibitive and with the building being an old mill the windows were not able to be removed.

As always we weighed up our options and carried out both risk assessments and a cost assessment of each possible option before discussing our proposed solution with the client James, who agreed to our proposal. To carry out the task we deployed our stair climbing robot that has a load carrying bed on it which is able to be tilted. The fabric printer was lifted on to the robot and the robot was driven up to its travel frame, which enabled us to tilt the printer to an angle of just under 45 degrees, enabling it to fit in the lift with barely four millimetres of clearance. The job was carried out successfully, with no damage to the building nor the printer itself.

“Before speaking with Specialised Movers we had approached several other removal companies, all of whom told us that it was impossible to get the printer in to their studio. It turned out that what they actually meant was that they didn’t have the required skill!”

J Nelson

No job too big!

Specialised Movers provides relocation and removal services for heavy, oversized items as well as delicate and fragile items locally, nationally and internationally. We are able to deploy hoists, stair climbers, cherry pickers and cranes so even on the most awkward of jobs – whether due to stairs, doorways or road access – we are able to relocate your items.

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