Home moving checklist

Home moving checklist by Specialised Movers

Moving home checklist We understand that each home move is different and can be challenging at times. That’s why we have created the Home Moving Checklist. Our handy checklist is downloadable and easy to print, allowing you to reference the checklist throughout your move and keep on the right track! The checklist is full of handy […]

Moving with pets

Moving with pets advice from Specialised Movers

Moving with pets Pets are an important consideration when planning your home move. They won’t understand what’s going on, so you’ll need to make them feel safe and secure at both ends of the move. A distressed pet could add a potential delay to the timings of your move. Here are some tips to help: […]

Moving with children

Moving with children advice from Specialised Movers

Moving with children When you are planning a house move, adding children into the mix can be an added source of stress, so it’s important to factor their involvement and wellbeing into your planning. It’s extremely important that children (of all ages) are involved in every step of the moving process to reduce any potential […]