Corporate social responsibility

At Specialised Movers we make a concerted effort to operate in ethical ways that enhance rather than degrade society and the environment, whether this is through operating more sustainably or fundraising for local charities.

A Tree-mendous idea by Sheffield Hospitals Charity

Now that Councils are no longer collecting Christmas trees a team from the Sheffield Hospitals Charity (SHC) came up with the excellent idea of collecting the redundant trees in the Sheffield area for. Small fee. However to make the idea work they still needed support with the logistics of the scheme including the supply of vehicles. We were only too happy to help, and Sean Royle and volunteers collected more than 50 trees on the morning of 11th of January.

Christmas tree collection Sheffield
Christmas tree collection Sheffield
Christmas tree collection Sheffield

Jumpers not jumps!

There was extra festive cheer in the Specialised offices on 17th December as it was our Christmas Jumper Day, with the team raising £80 for the Barnsley Riding for the Disabled Association, who are one of our chosen charities that we raise funds for throughout the year. We also donated desks and office furniture to them in March so their own funds could be better used  in offering horse riding lessons for the disabled, like they do for Marley, who we have a bit of a soft spot for in the office.   

Find out more about the Barnsley RDA, including how to support them here:

Christmas Jumper day for the RDA
Marley at Barnsley Riding for the Disabled Association
Barnsley Riding for the Disabled Association

‘Taylor-made’ furniture for Affinity 2020 CIC​

Rotherham based charity Affinity 2020 CIC seek to ‘Support young people’s creative practices and experiences with the goal of establishing belonging, a sense of community and identity within society.’

Having carried out a successful relocation for them in early December when we realised they required some extra furniture we were pleased to be able to help them, donating much needed tables, chairs and lockers just before Christmas.

Find out more about this much needed organisation and the work they do here:

Supporting Affinity 2020 CIC
Supporting Affinity 2020 CIC