REME Museum of Technology

The project

Specialised Movers was required to relocate the entire REME Museum collection consisting of over 125,000 individual items. All uniquely asset tagged, and all of historical, monetary and extreme emotive value to the regiment.

Amongst the items to be moved were priceless artefacts from WWII, automated mannequins, libraries, working steam-train models, medal collections, battalion-banners, and regimental paintings. Heavy lifting equipment was necessary for Volkswagen displays (REME rescued VW at the end of WWII), missiles, military vehicles and larger weaponry.

REME Museum of Technology move carried out by Specialised Movers
REME Museum of Technology move carried out by Specialised Movers

Work involved

All the items were packed, wrapped, inventoried, asset tagged+description, over-packed into airfreight-cartons, secured to pallet bases, shrink wrapped, (or packed into bespoke wooden crates/cases) transported and delivered into a new site at RAF Lyneham. All items were checked by client staff onto vehicle and at delivery.

The move was successfully completed within the required 12-week schedule, working with a smaller crew to ensure all staff had a thorough understanding of the site, the national importance of collections, exact logistics, protective levels and also working culture/needs of the museum site, its curators and staff.

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