From the sea bed to the museum

Moving museum artefacts provided by Specialised Movers

From the sea bed to the museum The project Commercial moving can be a hard, challenging job, with crews often called upon to work unsociable hours to meet the needs of clients and to avoid any downtime or interruption of the organisation’s services. But it pales into insignificance of being a crew member on a […]

REME Museum of Technology

REME Museum of Technology move carried out by Specialised Movers

REME Museum of Technology The project Specialised Movers was required to relocate the entire REME Museum collection consisting of over 125,000 individual items. All uniquely asset tagged, and all of historical, monetary and extreme emotive value to the regiment. Amongst the items to be moved were priceless artefacts from WWII, automated mannequins, libraries, working steam-train […]